50,000+ transactions per second

One of the fastest payment processing networks anywhere. Engineered to handle peak loads of 50,000+ transactions per second.

Next generation blockchain technology

Our next generation version of blockchain technology underpins all transactions creating an immutable record of every payment.

Accepts all payment methods

Suitable for any payment method—including credit and debit cards, EBT, ACH, gift cards, private label store cards, loyalty and rewards programs, and more.

Encourages innovation

Designed with secure access for app developers in mind. Monacado engages with the developer community to drive new and innovative payment applications and solutions.

Security & Fraud Prevention

Catch fraudulent Transactions in real time

New technologies detect real time transaction fraud attempts in milliseconds.

Digital safety net

KYC/AML applications prevent unauthorized use of digital identities and accounts.

Easily verified

Positive confirmation of true account owner.

Secure & anonymous

Next-generation blockchain technology maintains immutable record of secured transactions. Engineered to accommodate necessary regulatory oversight while keeping transaction information secure and anonymous.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Universal Rewards

Enables universal rewards points which allow consumers to earn and redeem rewards across multiple retailers.

Location-based Ad Triggers

Location-based ad serving delivers relevant content based on real-time geolocation signals. Our technology is accurate to within yards.

Predictive Transaction Data

AI and data analytics deliver higher converting ads, based on the powerful combination of purchase data, geolocation, and other transaction data.